to a realm where creatures roam and where monsters dwell.  IN SEARCH OF MONSTERS is a site celebrating the fantastic beasts of movies, mythology, and other media.  Monsters of all sizes and shapes lurk within.  From Kaiju to Cryptids, Ghosts to Ghouls, and Aliens to Apes; if it is inhuman, it will have a home here.  

This is a work in progress.  I am a complete novice at website design and it shows.  Please forgive the amateur look of the site as I am still learning how to use this software.  The layout may change several times over the next few weeks, but I will make up for the inconsistency in design with new content. 

Mark Jaramillo is a lifelong enthusiast of monster movies and Cryptozoology with a special love for Japanese Science Fiction Cinema and Television.  Field Research has included the Bluff Creek and Redwoods areas of Northern California (independently and as part of BFRO expeditions) and Boggy Creek, Arkansas.  Mark has written articles for Famous Monsters of Filmland, SciFi Japan, and Cryptomundo.  He also founded the Independent Kaiju Project and was instrumental in finding and promoting Director Shizuo Nakajima's "lost" independent film DENSETSU NO KYOJUU OOKAMI OTOKO TAI GOJIRA (LEGENDARY GIANT BEAST WOLFMAN VS GODZILLA) and arranging the first public screenings of footage outside of Japan.


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